Business Development and Proposal Management

The science and art of proposing to the government.

This is a methodical process that takes time and discipline. Sales Pipeline management is nothing new. There are nuances to the size and complexity for public sector work though. Understanding the terminology, sources, pricing strategies, partnerships, shaping and all the details there in is cumbersome even for senior experts.

This is not support via networking nor relationships. When and where possible, introductions are made and sometimes partnerships follow. NC-RGC services are focused on developing a systematic approach to a repeatable process that consistently feeds a pipeline customized to your organization. Then refines that pipeline over time, thus improving percentage/likelihood of winning. Focusing efforts and refining time spent.

Final steps in the bid process is to actually dissect and develop a winning response. Does that mean lowest price? Or maybe best value? Each proposal for each effort is unique and requires time and understanding to be successful.

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