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The Future of Set Aside Contracting in Federal Acquisitions

Bottom line, up front...recent court rulings have impacted set aside business opportunities and the future is uncertain.

The ruling provided over the weekend from the 11th US Circuit shows the case has merit and will be reviewed in more detail. The Fearless Fund and their ability to provided grants to businesses owned by Black women has been challenged. Reuters report and breakdown.

The case we've been watching and I previously blogged from Eastern District of Tennessee has already had affects on the 8(a) Minority Owned program. Reporting from JDSUPRA and Piliero Mazza.

I'm a former communications guy. Technology evolves but the fundamentals remain. Dating myself here, but I led Airmen during the transition from analog to digital communications. One major take away was something a trusted mentor told me.

"Nothing is ever as BAD or as GOOD as it may seem at first."

Recent news and rulings have and will have impact. We just can't possibly know to what extent yet. Is this a major inflection point in acquisitions and contracting or is this our system working out some kinks? Too early to say, but pay attention!

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