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Seneca ROCKS!! Use this time Wisely

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

We've all heard this quote time and time again, but how does this apply to working with the government client? The Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC - 65 AD) ...maybe... said this a couple thousand years ago. Regardless of the attribution, the point stands. You can't just show up on race day, you have to go to practice and bring your running shoes.

Our government is remarkably consistent. Bombast and crazy news cycles aside, the majority of agencies are on a consistent schedule. Everything hinges on the Federal Fiscal Year and the dominos it creates. Leading up to Fiscal Year End budgets are being prepared and remaining funds are obligated. Every year, Spring is heavy with conferences, trade shows, industry outreach and the like.

Between Fiscal Year End (September) and Conference Season (Spring) is a lull. Right now is the time when Contracting Officers get to catch their breath. Again, big government so this observation is not absolute, but general. Once the budget is signed and executed on 1 October, there is generally a break until after the Christmas break.

Often, requests for proposal will be posted to industry (the general public) by the government during this time. This may seem cynical, but not intended. From the Contracting Officer's perspective, this is the equivalent of sending an email to co-workers or a teacher assigning homework on Friday afternoon. They cleared their plate, emptied their To Do List and now the proverbial "ball" is in someone else's court.

Why now and how do you prepare? This cycle continues year in and year out. So switch things up to your advantage. The window, from October through December is a great opportunity to get some things done.


  • Refresh your Capability Statements!


Shameless business plug...

NC-RGC helps walk you through all of the above!


Use this time wisely and as Seneca said, prepare. The rest of the year, opportunities will present themselves and you will be better positioned to respond and react!

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