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SBA Announces Renewal for Women in Business: WOSB Notice

Please spread the word. We all get busy and buried in emails. If you are, or know WOSB certified companies, please bring this to their attention. The WOSB certification is powerful in Federal and State contracting so please renew.

SBA is hosting a webinar series to explain in more detail. See link in the message below:

"Today, 12/11/2023,  the SBA was briefed that the WOSB Program will issue a proposed decertification letter within the accounts of ~390 program participants.  The letter advises participants that they may be decertified by the program in 20 calendar days if they do not submit their renewal update.  Firms will receive an email notice to check their account to review the letter and instructions on how to take action. The letter will also encourage participants to join our upcoming Renewal Webinar on Wednesday, December 20, 2023 at 10am EST and 3pm EST to assist firm owners troubleshoot any issues with the renewal process.  Please direct any questions to the WOSB Program Office ("

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