FPDS migrating to BETA.SAM.GOV

For those of you who do your own research, today you may have noticed a new warning from FPDS:

beta.sam.gov also has an alert posted:

"FPDS contract data reports are now available at beta.SAM.gov. While FPDS remains the authoritative source for contract data reports, users should begin using the beta.SAM.gov Data Bank to run all reports. On May 16, 2020, contract data report functionality will be decommissioned from FPDS and only be available at beta.SAM.gov"

So my friends, it looks as if FPDS will go away after 16 May. Shed a tear and embrace the change. The migration continues and more and more information will be centralized through the beta.sam.gov dashboard. Here's hoping for redundancy!

As this migration takes place remember there will be hiccups. Thankfully the migration is taking place and will hopefully be complete before what is sure to be an interesting Busy Season this Fiscal Year. Yet to be seen how the introduction of the CMMC protocol and COVID-19 will effect the procurement process. Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy!!

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